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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Erasmus Mundus Design Measures (EMDM)

Applicant profile

  • Any higher education institution established in a Programme or Partner Country can submit an application
  • 1 beneficiary (mono-beneficiary grant agreement) which mobilises a group of other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), aimed at setting up a consortium.

Duration: 15 months

EU grant: €55,000 lump sum

What is an Erasmus Mundus Design Measure?

Erasmus Mundus Design Measures are new to Erasmus+ in 2021. These projects support the design of high-level study programmes at master level, jointly delivered by an international consortium of HEIs from different countries worldwide. Where relevant, other educational and/or non-educational partners with specific expertise in the concerned study areas/professional domains can take part.

Erasmus Mundus Design Measures encourage HEIs to develop new, innovative and highly integrated masters programmes by facilitating the set up of such international partnerships. They  aim to involve Programme countries, institutions, and/or thematic areas that are under-represented in Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters funded to date.

Activities and outcomes

By the end of the project, the involved HEIs will have agreed on the basic following joint mechanisms for the master programme under development:

  • Joint procedures for student application, admission, selection and monitoring
  • Rules and procedures for student examinations and performance evaluation
  • Joint programme design and integrated teaching/training activities
  • Common services offered to students
  • Joint promotion and awareness-raising strategy
  • Joint administrative and financial management by the partnership
  • A joint degree policy
  • A draft partnership agreement
  • A draft joint student agreement

Applications and more information

Funding opportunities for 2021-2027 and information on how to apply are announced on the European Commission’s Funding & Tender Opportunities portal

Find opportunities

Read the Erasmus+ Programme Guide for more information on these opportunities

More information

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