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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Pobuda DiscoverEU

Pobuda DiscoverEU 18-letnim državljanom in državljankam EU daje priložnost za potovanje po Evropi. Med potovanjem predvsem z vlaki (izjeme veljajo za mlade, ki živijo na otokih ali na oddaljenih območjih) lahko odkrivaš dih jemajoče pokrajine ter raznovrstnost mest in krajev po Evropi.

Več informacij je na voljo na evropskem mladinskem portalu.

Inclusion Action

Specific funding is available as part of the DiscoverEU action for young people with fewer opportunities to explore Europe. They can receive extra support to overcome obstacles to applying and travelling.

This action aims to reach out and include those who would not normally apply on their own initiative.

Read the detailed project assessment criteria and application process

DiscoverEU Learning Cycle

From 2022, Erasmus+ National Agencies, with whom the EU works to bring the Erasmus+ programme closer to participants, organise activities which strengthen the educational aspect of DiscoverEU.

These include preparing pre-departure information packs or and meetings, meetups for participants across Europe, and coordination sessions with multiplier organisations such as schools, youth groups or local municipalities.