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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

How to take part

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Erasmus+ is a very wide programme, covering a diverse range of actions. How you can take part depends broadly on two factors:

  1. if you are applying by yourself or on behalf of an organisation
  2. in which country you or your organisation is based

This page contains a general overview of how to take part. You will need to check the specific action that you are interested in to see the criteria you should meet.

Individual applicants

If you are looking to take part by yourself, it’s likely that you will need to apply through an organisation such as your university, training centre, company and so on.

You can ask them if they are applying for a project grant, or explore the Erasmus+ app for advice and inspiration.

For most actions, your organisation will need to be located in a programme country. These are the EU member states and a short list of other countries associated to the Programme. Other actions are also open to groups of other countries non-associated to the Programme.

See the list of Erasmus+ programme countries (EU member states and countries associated to the Programme)

Applicant organisations

If you are an organisation looking to apply for a project grant or call for proposals, read the registration steps you need to take first.

Read the registration process and other steps

You should also check the list of programme and partner countries, since where you are based will impact what you can apply for.

Full details on this year’s programme

For comprehensive details on who can take part, search the Programme Guide for the action or the field you are interested in.

Looking to apply from outside the EU?

Read the guidance on applying from outside the EU

Applying with a project partner

The partner search on the EU's Funding and Tenders portal helps you search for potential partners for your proposal.

Search for a potential project proposal partner