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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

VET learners and staff

What is the opportunity?

Erasmus+ offers the opportunity for organisations to send vocational education and training (VET) learners to benefit from training, and for staff to give or receive trainings.

How does it work?

Organisations wanting to take part in these opportunities can either apply as an individual vocational education organisation, or as part of a "national mobility consortium"; a group of organisations managed by a single coordinating organisation.

These organisations fall into one of four main categories:

  • Applicant Organisations - responsible for applying for and managing the project, but can also act as a sending organisation
  • Sending Organisations - in charge of selecting VET learners/staff to send abroad and managing grant payments,
  • Receiving Organisations - responsible for receiving VET learners/staff from abroad and offering a study/traineeship programme,
  • Intermediary Organisations - as a partner in a mobility consortium, intermediaries can be involved in supporting and facilitating the work of a consortium.

Participating organisations can be public or private organisations established in a Programme country, and can apply either individually or as part of a national mobility consortium.

Organisations applying as a consortium must all be based in the same Programme country, and must all be identified at the application stage. Consortia must consist of at least three organisations.

What else should you know?

Organisations can provide opportunities for both apprentices and students to learn abroad, either in a workplace or at a VET school.

Similarly, staff can be sent to an enterprise or organisation to teach, train, or be trained.

Organisations intending to send or receive students or staff must agree on the activities to be performed beforehand, defining:

This is done through the Learning Agreement, for students, and the Mobility Agreement for staff.

Students or staff spending longer than a month abroad under Erasmus+ are eligible to receive linguistic support.

How do you apply?

The application process is managed by the National Agency of where the applicant organisation or consortium is based.

An organisation or consortium can only apply once per selection round, but organisations may be part of several separate consortia all applying at the same time.

Find out more?

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is the main source of information for these opportunities; detailed information on the award criteria, eligibility criteria, and funding rules can be found in Section B.

The National Agencies or, for Partner countries, National Offices (where available) can provide further information.