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Jean Monnet Networks in Higher Education

Applicant profile

Duration: 3 years

Maximum grant: €1,200,000 per network

What qualifies as a Jean Monnet Network in Higher Education?

Two types of large thematic networks can qualify:

  1. A network focusing on a specific internal EU policy topic. Requires a minimum of 12 higher education institutions from 7 different EU Member States and non-EU countries associated with the Programme
  2. A network focusing on foreign policy issues addressing one specific priority. Requires a minimum of 12 higher education institutions with at least 6 participants from non-EU countries not associated with the Programme and funded by EU external action instruments. The network on foreign policy issues should include the participation of relevant organisations in countries supported.

What is expected from a Jean Monnet Network in Higher Education?

  • collect, share and discuss: research findings, course content, experiences, products (studies, articles, etc.), among partners
  • establish a tool allowing the partners to share their academic works and run peer review exercises, also commenting on documents posted
  • regularly make a selection of the most innovative and interesting results to be provided to the Commission

The final aim of the thematic networks is to provide regular feedback (e.g. an online newsletter) on the most advanced and innovative practices in the field, supporting and adding value to the debate.

Application process

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