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Publicerades:  13 Nov 2023

Have your say on the European Student Card

The 2023 European Student Card survey is now open. Share with us your experience around the ESC and how your higher education institution is using it.

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Why we need a survey

There are now over 2 million active cards in circulation in Erasmus+ Programme countries – a milestone for the product. As the ESC continues to scale up, we need to better understand how students and higher education institutions are using it.

Last year’s survey received more than 5,500 responses from 31 Erasmus+ Programme countries, helping us map levels of awareness, students' use of the card along with information on card management practices.

What we want to learn

The 2023 survey is designed to capture student and HEI experiences as well as their ideas for the future. It focuses on

  • gathering information on the implementation of the ESC in Erasmus+ Programme countries
  • measuring awareness and collect suggestions for improvements
  • understanding needs to access student services
  • identifying challenges that may hinder the full deployment of the ESC at national level

Whether you are a student who benefits from the ESC or a representative of a higher education institution that deploys the ESC, your insights will certainly make a difference.

Answer the survey

It will take you a couple of minutes to answer. The survey closes 22 December.

Thank you!


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk at

Publicerades:  13 Nov 2023