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European Student Card Initiative

Part of the Erasmus+ programme

Get started with the European Student Card at your institution

To join the European Student Card, your higher education institution should take the following steps.

1 - Choose a technical administrator and/or a functional administrator  

Designate a technical administrator and/or a functional administrator in your institution that will be responsible for the registration process. 

2 - Register on the ESC-Router 

Ask for registration in the ESC-R interface to ESC Management by completing the required details (technical/functional administrator data, the name of the institution and its country). 

3 - Create an eduGAIN account 

Once your registration is validated, create an eduGAIN account or a username to have an account for the administrator to be able to fully connect to the ESC-R. 

4 - Upload student card data

Use the API tokens already provided automatically in the ESC-R to upload student cards data into the ESC-R.  

5 - Request holograms

Use the ESC-R form to request holograms from an ESC hologram provider. These are stamped on student cards.