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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Distance Calculator

Calculate grant support for Erasmus+ mobility

Get an estimate of the grant amount for people taking part in the Erasmus+ programme through your organisation.

The National Agency assessing your application will decide the final grant amount.

You will also need to supply this information when filling in the form for your organisation's grant application.

How to use

  1. [Start] select the place of origin
  2. [End] select the venue of the activity for your Erasmus+ mobility project
  3. enter the given distance in the "Distance band" section of your application form

Don't find your city?

Some results might not appear when you type them. If not, you can zoom in to the location on the map.

  • on desktop: right-click
  • on mobile: long-press

Applying for Erasmus+ as an individual?

Individual applicants should not use this calculator to determine how much they should receive in funding.

These amounts are dependent on various factors, including administrative costs incurred by participating organisations and the National Agencies.

Do you have a different question about Erasmus+ and finances?