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Avaldatud:  29 Jun 2023

New management platform presented to European Student Card community

Over 200 representatives of the European Student Card (ESC) community joined a webinar about the latest updates on the deployment of the ESC.

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The European Student Card is entering a new phase, with the final steps being made in developing the new ESC-Router (ESC-R).

The router is the platform through which the ESC runs. It allows participating institutions to generate and validate cards, and identifies students and their student status across Erasmus+ countries.

Finalisation requires the router to be migrated to the European Commission’s cloud, so that it fully complies with the institution’s standards.

Upgrades and feedback

Along with this migration, the webinar also covered issues of interest to the ESC community. These included

  • card issuing and activation
  • card design
  • student status verification
  • data privacy aspects

Participants also had the chance to share their own experiences using the ESC and raise questions to the technical team.     

The webinar was also the first opportunity for already registered card issuers in the ESC-R to see the improved version of the ESC-Router, which include some feature enhancements and user experience developments.

Want to be part of the European Student Card?

As the ESC picks up pace, more webinars and info sessions will be available for higher education institutions and other potential cards issuers. Dates for the upcoming sessions - to take place in autumn - will be published on this website.  

We are looking forward to seeing you in the next ESC webinar!

In the meantime, read how to join ESC.


If you have any questions about the European Student Card, please check our help and support pages.

Avaldatud:  29 Jun 2023