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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Erasmus+ and the Commission's priorities

See how Erasmus+ is focusing on the priorities of the European Commission from 2019 to 2024.


Addressing Europe's challenges

The Erasmus+ programme aims to help generations of Europeans to become active citizens, with the skills, knowledge and experience to tackle the challenges facing our society, both now and in the years to come.

These challenges include rising unemployment, climate change, economic and post-conflict migration, digitalisation, globalisation, physical inactivity and the multilingual structure of Europe’s united but diverse nations.

Erasmus+ funds projects that help us move towards a more circular, green economy, where little is wasted, and pollution is minimised. Other projects nurture the democratic process in Europe and its influence globally. Some projects focus on inclusion of those who are socially or economically marginalised, while others help prepare today’s youth for an increasingly digital world.

The European Commission has six political priorities for the period 2019-2024. Below you can explore some of the programme's highlighted projects, and see how they are helping these priorities become reality.

A European Green Deal

To move towards a circular economy, we need to re-use, re-manufacture, and re-design the materials and things in our lives. In parallel, every European citizen should know how to play their part. Such ‘materials literacy’ is key to achieving the Green Deal.

An economy that works for people

An economy that works for people leaves no-one behind. Many Erasmus+ projects explore ways to bridge gaps between people - whether gender gaps in work and employment, gaps in early childhood learning opportunities, or many other types of discrimination and imbalances.

A Europe fit for the digital age

Digital skills and technologies are becoming crucial throughout studies, from early age to in-work training. Erasmus+ supports “digital ateliers” for young students use some of the skills they’ve learned outside school to solve real-world problems in school. Another project seeks EU-wide solutions to help start-ups build digital entrepreneurship skills.

Promoting our European way of life

Erasmus+ can help young people challenge their own ideas about diversity, harness the power of words and experience the lives of people less fortunate. One project showed how sharing the realities of being a refugee is a powerful means to promote solidarity among young people.

A stronger Europe in the world

Volunteering as a young person can be a life-changing experience. Erasmus+ provides a platform for national youth and voluntary organisations to work together. From new youth policies come fresh ideas, optimism and energy across and beyond Europe.

A new push for European democracy

Politics affects everyone. How can we explore the power of democracy or become better advocates for tolerance? Erasmus+ supports many projects which help people do just this.