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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Promoting our European way of life

One of the European Commission's 2019-2024 priorities


A fresh start on migration

Migration and the right to asylum have become difficult and divisive issues within the European Union. The European Commission is determined to address legitimate concerns by upholding the rule of law and justice, while strengthening borders. It also recognises the extraordinary circumstances of refugees, by providing safer routes for legal migration and overhauling the EU’s asylum rules.

The EU strategy on migration is part of its overall priority of promoting our European way of life. The Erasmus+ programme, with its emphasis on youth and education has a particular role to play with respect to migrants. On the one hand it can encourage initiatives that promote tolerance and greater awareness of ‘the other’. At the same time, it can help respond to the needs of the most vulnerable group – migrant children.

Discover Erasmus+ projects that tackle some of the issues surrounding young people and migration:

Highlighted project results

Gamification in Vocational Education and Training (GVETS)

As many as one third of migrants applying for asylum in the EU-27 are children, who often need the support of trained professionals. GVETS uses techniques borrowed from gaming to offer free online training for these professionals.

GVETS project details


Young people may be particularly vulnerable to misinformation about migration disseminated by nationalist groups using social media. Right2move organised an immersive 7-day workshop in Croatia to raise youth awareness and promote greater understanding and inclusion.

Right2move project details