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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

A new push for European democracy

One of the European Commission's 2019-2024 priorities


Democracy is the mainstay of the European Union and of the respective Member States that have joined together in the interests of peace and prosperity. But this democracy cannot be taken for granted and is continually being threatened by disinformation, online hate messages and even alleged attempts to interfere with elections.

The European Commission priority of a new push for European democracy, through the Erasmus+ funded projects, is a reminder to the new generation to use their hard-won right to vote and that minorities also have the right to be represented.

Highlighted project results

Jugend-Upgrade für Europa

150 teenage (15-16 year-old) delegates from the German federal states gathered in the Bundesrat in Berlin to spend a week as Members of the Model European Parliament. A unique first-hand experience of democracy in action.

Jugend-Upgrade project details

The Power of Words

Words can wound but they can also heal. This stimulating project helped young people to become aware of the dangers of stereotyped ideas about those who are different and how exchange and understanding can promote tolerance and empathy.

The Power of Words project details