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Avaldatud:  18 Jan 2024

More than 4,300 of you took part in the latest European Student Card survey

The second annual survey gathered a total of 4,323 participants, from students and cardholders to IT Project Managers, International Relations Officers (IROs) and other management staff from Higher Education Institutions. Thank you all for your contribution!

A group of young people looking at results papers

A snapshot of ESC’s implementation and needs

The survey provided an overview of awareness levels around the card in higher education institutions, focusing on

  • gathering information on its current deployment in Erasmus+ Programme countries;
  • identifying obstacles encountered that might hinder a country’s full deployment of the card;
  • understanding the experience and perception of the ESC among key stakeholders, to drive future improvements

What we asked

With the latest survey we wanted to ask specific questions which addressed the needs and experience most relevant to you.

Students/cardholders (81%) were asked about their experience with using the ESC, their needs and preferences for services accessed through physical and digital cards.
IT project managers (2%) responded to questions related to technical requirements of the ESC and about potential obstacles encountered while implementing the ESC in their institution.

International Relations Officers (11%) and, management staff, administrators, heads of unit, and project coordinators, among others (6%) were asked about the ESC management within their institution and about on-campus services offered via the ESC.

The highest response rates were from France, Greece, and Latvia.

Join us in 2024!

As shown by this year survey, the ESC is an ongoing process, and we are constantly aiming at expanding and onboarding new users to the ESC community.

If you would like to know more about how your Institution can join the ESC, check out how to join the European Student Card.

We would like to remind you that only card issuers (e.g., Higher Education Institutions, student unions or other student groups) can register to the ESC-Router (ESC-R).

Learn how the ESC works and the benefits of the card.

Stay tuned to learn more about what we are doing!


If you have any questions about the European Student card, please check our help and support pages.

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Avaldatud:  18 Jan 2024