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Публикувано:  17 Jan 2024

Digital Officers: who they are and how they can help

If you’re involved in discussions about the European Student Card Initiative (ESCI) and the digitalisation of Erasmus+ student mobility administration, you might have heard the term “digital officer”. Let's break down what this role in an Erasmus+ National Agency does and the important details you should know about it.


Important change agents

Digital Officers support the implementation of the ESCI in their countries by being the link between Erasmus Without Paper users, European Commission and the EWP+ project team. Digital Officers share information and updates from and to the European Commission regarding the national uptake of EWP and provide guidance to higher education institutions.

Digital Officers also flag critical issues reported from higher education institutions in their countries via regular meetings and online discussions with the Commission and the EWP+ project team.

Background to the role

The story of Digital Officers goes back to 2019 when the European Commission asked the National Authorities and Erasmus+ National Agencies to nominate a "European Student Card Digital Officer."

Since 2019, robust governance structures involving key stakeholders have been put in place for the ESCI, one with a focus on the European Student Card and one with a focus on Erasmus Without Paper.

The Digital Officers continue to play a crucial role in maintaining an overview of all ESCI components and related issues. In addition to representing EU countries, the work of Digital Officers helps ensure successful coordination, adequate support and awareness-raising about the initiative to the higher education community.

Getting in touch with Digital Officers

If you wish to get in touch with the Digital Officer in your country, please contact your National Agency for details.

If you are involved in implementing the European Student Card Initiative at your institution and have some success stories to share, do consider informing your Digital Officer. Your experience can help others!

If you have encountered any issue that you were not able to resolve via the ESCI service desk and other support resources, your Digital Officer is also the person who can flag it to those managing the initiative.

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Публикувано:  17 Jan 2024