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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Mobility of sport staff


Erasmus+ supports professional development of coaches and other sport staff. This action enables staff of sport organisations, primarily in grassroots sports, to improve their competences and qualifications, and acquire new skills, by spending a period of time abroad. Staff in non-grassroots sport can also benefit provided that their participation can benefit grassroots sport.



Sport staff: those involved in instructing, training and managing a sports team or individual sports people, either on a paid basis or on a voluntary basis.

Grassroots sports: physical leisure activities practiced at non-professional level for health, educational or social reasons.


Sport staff can go on a job shadowing and/or coaching assignment abroad (in the EU Member States or third countries associated to Erasmus+ programme).

  • job shadowing: 2 - 14 days
  • coaching assignment: 15 - 60 days

Conditions and how to apply

For you to participate in sport staff mobility, your sport organisation must apply to the National Agency in your country within the deadlines specified in the annual call.

This means that your organisation applies on your behalf; you cannot apply directly as an individual.

If the project is selected for funding, your sending organisation will take care of practical arrangements with your host organisation.

Participants must be working in the sending organisation, or must be regularly working with the sending organisation to help implement the organisation’s core activities. Participants must be residents in the country of their sending organisation.

Participants cannot engage in a mobility activity in the capacity of an athlete.

See full details, eligibility criteria and funding rules

Financial support

The EU grant supports your travel and subsistence costs that are managed by your sport organisation. In addition, specific support is available for participants with fewer opportunities.

Further help

If you need help in finding a suitable participating organisation or have any questions, please contact the Erasmus+ National Agency in your country.