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Fecha de publicación :  21 Nov 2023

Introducing the upgraded Erasmus+ App!

The latest updates improve the student experience with clear onboarding information, enhanced filtering and search functions, a redesigned mobility journey checklist and a restructured overall view for better user experience.

A view of the E+ app on a mobile phone

The European Commission and the EWP Consortium are working hard to improve the Erasmus+ App user experience. By refining existing features and making it more user-friendly, the App is further enhanced as a vital tool to support students' participation in Erasmus+ exchanges.

Summary of updates

  • new onboarding screens for first-time visitors, that gives a quick overview of the main functions the App offers
  • updated login screen, to provide a more transparent login process
  • revamped overall layout to improve usability and user experience, based on student feedback
  • new global search function and improved general filtering so users can customise content based on their interests
  • easier navigation and enhanced user control with the renewed mobility journey checklist to help users to track their individual Erasmus+ exchange
  • various fixes and optimisations in response to students' needs

About the App

The main goal of the Erasmus+ App is to provide easy access to information and services to mobile students.

Events, deals and institution-specific information are all types of content available. This is shared by Higher Education Institutions so they can communicate with their outgoing and incoming students. This information can be added to the App via the relevant section of the EWP Dashboard.

Even if institutions are not managing their exchanges through the EWP Dashboard, they can still get access to  the Erasmus+ App and share the information they want. For more information please visit the EWP Knowledge Base.

Make the best use of the Erasmus+ App enhancements to support your students in their upcoming Erasmus+ journey!

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Fecha de publicación :  21 Nov 2023