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Fecha de publicación :  5 Jan 2024

Erasmus Without Paper Champions meet to discuss digital transformation

The 5 December meeting in Brussels kicked off this new cooperation platform which aims to drive forward the digital transformation of Erasmus+ mobility administration.

Representatives from various higher education institutions across Europe, connected to the EWP network through various systems, attended the meeting.

Communicating with the community in 2024

The main topics of discussion revolved around developing a communication strategy and prioritising messages to be shared with the higher education community in 2024 to encourage more colleagues to start using EWP. Participants also explored how digitalisation could simplify administrative procedures in both the current and future Erasmus+ programmes.


There was a consensus among participants to focus on investing more in targeted and practical trainings for colleagues with diverse needs in the coming year.

The EWP Champions proposed contributing by showcasing how they use EWP in their daily work in a peer-to-peer setting. Regarding making digital administrative processes easier in the future, participants agreed that addressing the issue of double data entry is crucial.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the champions to share best practices in implementing Erasmus Without Paper and contribute insights based on their experiences and lessons learned over the past few years.

Towards the end of the meeting, the EWP Champions were asked to describe their views on the future of EWP in one word. The main sentiments expressed were "challenging," "promising," "hope," and "simplification."

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Fecha de publicación :  5 Jan 2024