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About the EWP Dashboard

The EWP Dashboard is a free tool for higher education institutions which need to manage Erasmus+ mobility students but lack the capacity to develop their own systems to integrate the Erasmus Without Paper system.
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The EWP Dashboard provides you with the functionality needed to manage the mobility processes of Erasmus+ as well as to connect to your partners via Erasmus Without Paper.

The EWP Dashboard also connects to the Erasmus+ Mobile App, allowing interaction with the incoming and outgoing students directly via the App along with other services which are relevant for higher education institutions.

How your institution can join

In order to use the EWP Dashboard, one main account needs to be created per university/higher education institution. Only institutional email addresses will be accepted. This account will be validated by the ESCI Service Desk.

Once this main account is validated, your higher education institution can create as many individual accounts for your internal use as necessary, according to your specific management structures.

More details on access and registration

As part of the development roadmap, if you are a university using federated authentication, you will be able to designate your own main Dashboard account owners. This bypasses the manual validation process and makes it easier to reassign rights. More information on this option will be available soon.

Benefits of the EWP Dashboard

As a higher education institution using the EWP Dashboard, you can

  • use the validated EWP reference implementation so you are aligned with all the latest functionalities
  • benefit from a tool which is resilient, powerful and free of charge
  • make the most of a full suite of tools to manage your Erasmus+ mobilities
  • get started quickly: the Dashboard is cloud based, meaning no installation or configuration is required

Current features of the EWP Dashboard

Several important parts of the infrastructure are already available.

  • Inter-Institutional Agreement Manager: create, negotiate and update your Inter-Institutional Agreements in a machine-readable format
  • Erasmus Virtual Assistant (EVA): manage applications for mobility and nominations. This works in tandem with the Erasmus+ App as a student interface
  • Online Learning agreement (OLA): create and manage your learning agreements online in a machine-readable format
  • customise the mobility journey for your institution: you can add institution-specific information in the mobility journey in the Erasmus+ App alongside with information about deals, events and useful tips

Further steps in the mobility process such as nominations will be supported in upcoming releases.