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Nahia Martín Martinez

Erasmus+ mobility participant in Germany

Nahia Martín Martinez

My high school in Spain offers first-year students the opportunity to take part in Erasmus+ exchanges every year. The prospect of sharing new experiences with other young people and discovering the language and culture of a new country motivated me to get involved in the programme.

I lived with a student and their family in a nine-day visit to Germany. The aim was to improve our English language skills, but it was so much more than that. I was able to learn more about different cultures and expanded my knowledge about Europe. Every day we would tour the city and learn about its history, culture and the habits of German people. During this trip I created long-lasting relationships with young people from different countries.

Erasmus+ has opened doors for me by allowing me to meet new people and to take part in an eye-opening experience. I made connections with people from different countries and I’m still in touch with many of them. Erasmus+ has given me the confidence to meet new people. Thanks to the programme, I have been able to experience the richness of Europe, exploring the different cultures it has to offer.

The Erasmus+ experience has been an open window full of opportunities that has allowed me to gain perspective around Europe, its values as a community and its initiatives. Taking part in this adventure has definitely meant a before and after.

I would encourage all young people to take part in Erasmus+ as it broadens your horizons and exposes you to new experiences. The programme allows you to be more open-minded and challenges any prejudices and stereotypes you may have. Listening to other people’s experiences teaches us more than we think it would, which makes Erasmus+ a fascinating experience.