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Frequently asked questions about the Project Results Platform

Get answers about the projects results platform and how you can use it.

Top 5 questions asked

The platform offers a comprehensive overview of all projects funded under the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ and Creative Europe programmes.

Yes, you can find contact details of an organisation or a project that interests you, simply by clicking on the title of the project in the results list. The system will open the project card in a separate tab of your browser.

The project information is organised around 3 tabs: "Project Details", "Partners" and "Results". In the first two tabs you can find the contact details of the coordinator and the partners. You can also click on the "by Organisation Criteria" tab, to find projects in function of the organisations involved.

The platform aims to

  • inform the public about the results of activities supported by the Erasmus+ programme
  • provide a complete display of project information
  • highlight projects qualified as good practices and success stories
  • be a source of inspiration for cultural organisations and initiators
  • become a potential source of information for the Commission Open Data Portal

If you are having other problems with logging in, please visit the EU Login help pages.

The interface of the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform is in English.

Project beneficiaries are asked to provide a description of their project and of the results produced in English.

Other than that project beneficiaries are free to upload results (files) in any other EU official language, in which the concrete outcomes or documents were produced.