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European Student Card Initiative

Part of the Erasmus+ programme

How your institution can join

You don't join or register for EWP personally, your institution does. There are several options to join the EWP network, depending on the tools you are using.
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Options to join

3rd party mobility management software

Many providers of 3rd party software connect your software to the EWP Network to gain the functionality to send and receive mobility data. Check if your software is already connected and validated and if that’s not the case contact your respective mobility management software providers to learn more about their involvement in EWP.

In-house software or Student Information System that is also used by other universities

If you are using your own in-house built mobility management software, connecting it with the EWP Network will allow you to communicate with other systems. Your IT team should develop the necessary APIs to join the EWP network. Support on this is available in the technical resources.

EWP Dashboard

The EWP Dashboard is a free-to-use tool providing you with the basic functionality needed to manage the processes of Erasmus+ student mobilities for institutions that are currently not using any digital solution. The EWP Dashboard is connected to the EWP+ network, allowing data exchanges with partners using in-house software or 3rd-party software. It also connects to the European Commission's Erasmus+ Mobile App, allowing you to communicate directly with the incoming and outgoing students.

Read about the EWP Dashboard

Before you join

Please also note that a prerequisite to join EWP, your institutions must be a holder of an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).

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