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European Student Card Initiative

Part of the Erasmus+ programme

The University and Students Forum

The University and Students Forum represents University Networks, European University Alliances and European student organisations. It meets twice a year.


The forum has a consultative role on defining the priorities and timeline of the digitisation roadmap. It also helps networks, alliances and student organisations to communicate together and sync their activities with the development of Erasmus Without Paper, especially in the broader context of the European Education Area.

Participation criteria and members

The following groups accepted the invitation to be part of this forum

  • representatives of large university networks and associations
  • representatives of European University Alliances in digitalisation
  • representatives from the largest European level student organisations


  • AEC - university network
  • Coimbra Group - university network
  • Compostela Group -- university network
  • ESN – students organisation
  • ESU - students organisation
  • Eurashe - university network
  • FOREU 1 - European University Alliance workgroup
  • FOREU 2 - European University Alliance workgroup
  • The Guild - university network
  • Unica - university network
  • Utrecht Network - university network