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European Student Card Initiative

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Infrastructure Forum

This forum represents the Erasmus Without Paper technical community: IT colleagues in higher education institutions and from 3rd-party software providers. Their cooperation is essential as they implement EWP’s technical standards.


The forum shapes the technical evolution of EWP, ensures timely implementation across the network and promotes cooperation among technical teams.

It also serves as a platform for IT colleagues to raise technical questions and make sure that requirements and specifications are clear to all technical teams.


The infrastructure forum meets every two months. This ensures

  • constant communication among technical stakeholders
  • issues can be quickly identified and acted upon
  • everyone directly affected by technical decisions has a seat around the table, ensuring inclusion and ownership.

All IT systems connected to the network are invited to have a representative at the Infrastructure Forum. These members are

  • at least one representative per HEI connected via in-house IT solution to the EWP production network
  • at least one representative per 3rd party software provider connected to the EWP production network

Interested in attending?

Other interested parties are welcome to attend meetings. Participants are recommended to have high levels of technical competence (although this is ultimately left to the discretion of each participating institution). When voting about technical issues, only one vote per software provider (being it in-house or 3rd-party) is considered.

All 3rd party software providers connected to the EWP production network, and representatives of HEIs connected to the EWP via in-house IT solution can request an invitation by subscribing to the mailing list (link opens your email) .