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Advisory Board

The Erasmus Without Paper Advisory Board consists of external experts in education and digital technologies. It meets twice a year.


The board consults on the project vision, community outreach and IT solutions so that Erasmus Without Paper develops in line with the latest information in digitalisation.

Members are experts who all have extensive experience in large digitalisation projects at the EU level or internationally, with many specifically on digitalisation in higher education. This helps assess EWP against other comparable IT projects and incorporate new knowledge and solutions shaping the IT and education sectors.

Participation criteria and members

The Members were selected based on their advanced expertise in technologies from both public and private sectors, which can inform the further development of EWP.

Given the nature of the Advisory Board, members were personally invited.


  • Digitary and Parchment - US/Ireland
  • Dynaaccurate - Luxembourg
  • EBSI Diploma Use Case convenor - Belgium/Spain
  • EUNIS - Spain
  • European University Foundation (Chair) - Luxemburg
  • Former Groningen Declaration Network president - the Netherlands
  • Knowledge Innovation Centre - Malta
  • National Student Clearinghouse - USA
  • PC-Skol - France
  • Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) - USA
  • Swedish Research Council - Sweden