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European Student Card Initiative

Part of the Erasmus+ programme

Benefits of Erasmus Without Paper

The main benefits of using EWP are for higher education institutions.

The overwhelming majority of student information now exchanged in the context of the Erasmus programme is exchanged by email or even by normal post, and seldom the personal information in it is encrypted. Such procedures are not GDPR-compliant, and EWP provides an infinitely more secure fashion through which to exchange such digital data.

In addition, EWP exchanges data in real-time and is extremely labour efficient. No double work any longer. Finally, supporting digital procedures is part of your Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) commitments.  

By managing your student mobilities with EWP, your institution can

  • replace their paper-based workflow with a digital one. Administrative practices in Erasmus are still largely paper based. EWP stands for a digital workflow that leaves no university behind
  • tackle the administrative workload for students and staff. Setting up a student exchange takes a lot of work by both students and supporting staff. Shifting processes online can greatly reduce the strain
  • benefit from streamlined technical solutions for student mobility. Instead of reinventing the wheel, EWP aims to streamline existing technical solutions by bringing tools together and connecting them through a network
  • use and contribute to a free public infrastructure which will benefit all HEIs across the EU