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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Jean Monnet policy debate

Large thematic networks in Higher Education (one network on internal EU issues and one network on foreign policy issues addressing one specific priority will be supported each year) will have as primary objective to collect, share and discuss among the partners research findings, content of courses and experiences, products (studies, articles, etc.). Each network will establish a tool allowing the partners to share their academic works and run peer review exercises, also commenting on the posted documents.

Learning EU initiatives in other fields of education and training

Learning EU initiatives will support schools & Vocational education and training institutions (VETs), ISCED 1 – 4, enabling them to provide specific content on EU based subjects (democracy,  EU history, how the EU works, cultural diversity – among others). Activities should be taught during the school year and could include project weeks, study visits, and other immersive activities.

Jean Monnet Networks in other fields of education and training

Networks of schools & Vocational education and training institutions (VETs), ISCED 1 – 4, and/or higher education Institutions providing Teacher Training /Education should serve the purpose of giving an international aspect to the new Jean Monnet strand and allow exchange of good practices as well as experiencing co-teaching within a group of countries.

Jean Monnet teacher training

Higher Education Institutions or Teacher Training Institutes/Agencies will organise activities under this action enabling teachers in schools and Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers to develop new skills, to teach and engage on EU matters, thus empowering them through a better understanding of the EU and its functioning.

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