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European Student Card Initiative

Part of the Erasmus+ programme

Benefits of the European Student Card

Card issuers 

Integrate your current card with the ESC to gain the benefits of a European dimension. By adding the ESC to your existing cards you can 

  • avoid the need to issue a new student card for mobility students if the home institution is also part of the ESC 
  • validate the student status from incoming mobility students securely 


The ESC is your gateway to on- and off- campus services by affirming your student status recognition at other universities around the EU. You’ll be able to

  • use your student card while studying abroad without needing to get a new student card from your host institution 
  • more easily access student services during your mobility experience 
  • gain a “European student” status  

On- and off-campus service providers 

Streamline how you verify student status more quickly. You will get

  • increased certainty about students’ status 
  • a wider network of users by adding mobility students in the services provided