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Pernilla Öhberg

International strategist and Erasmus+ consortium coordinator from Sweden.

Pernilla Öhberg

I was an Erasmus student back in the early 90s, which was my first involvement in Erasmus projects. My Erasmus career began later, in 2008 when I applied for EU funding for school development initiatives in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Since then, I have coordinated many Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP), mobility consortia, and cooperation partnership projects.

Today, I'm the international strategist for an Erasmus consortium that incorporates 24 upper secondary schools and organises more than 400 mobilities for vocational students and staff each year. I'm also part of the National Vocational Education Team to support organisations with Erasmus activities and inspire those who are not yet involved.

Professionally, working in internationalisation – and especially within the LLP and Erasmus programmes – has given me unique opportunities to develop my professional profile. I have met colleagues in other countries and industries and found solutions to our organisations’ needs through collaboration across Europe.

Personally, through Erasmus I have made so many great, new friends all over the world and I have gained so many new perspectives that have improved my awareness of culture and understanding of other people. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and learn how to work with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Coming together is a good beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

I once coordinated an Erasmus LLP innovation project with school, governmental and industry partners, which was extremely challenging. However, we managed to work as a great team, and we keep in contact ten years later. We also managed to produce some great intellectual outputs that still are used today. For this achievement, we received the ‘European success story' award from the European Commission. 

Erasmus gives us new perspectives, the courage to connect with people to solve mutual challenges, and a sense of European living and identity. But most importantly, Erasmus allows us to make new friends for life. It’s our responsibility to introduce the next generation to the world and teach them how to communicate and collaborate across borders to solve future challenges.