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Nikolina Đurić

Member of the Youth Labs from Serbia

Nikolina Đurić

I became familiar with Erasmus+ whilst I was volunteering for the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). I was able to meet hundreds of students who came to my city every year as part of their Erasmus+ exchange. Hearing how life-changing the experience was for them and having so many of my ESN friends who spoke highly of their own experience, I knew my twenties would feel incomplete without taking part in Erasmus+.

I was a European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteer at ESN when I stayed in Brussels between April 2020 and March 2021. I worked on the promotion of mobility and communication, and I created a lot of materials that supported ESN’s work in the field of inclusion in mobility. I had the opportunity to work in a diverse and international team, which boosted my intercultural skills.

I specifically chose to participate at the ESC because I wanted to develop my professional skills and gain experience working in an international organisation. In this way, the Erasmus+ programme lived up to its potential and fulfilled all my expectations.

Thanks to Erasmus+, I have solidified my appreciation of different cultures and countries, and the feeling of unity this instils. It has also given me a newfound appreciation of my own culture and people. I feel my Erasmus+ experience has prepared me for the world. I have grown more ambitious and driven, and more willing to give back to others.

The Erasmus programme defined my twenties and changed the trajectory of my life, and that was before I even went on mobility myself.

As someone who grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, I believe Erasmus+ is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn more about the world. Most young people in these countries do not have many opportunities to travel and interact with different people – Erasmus+ offers them a chance to experience different cultures. It can make us realise that we are not all that different. We share traits and beliefs with people we think we have nothing in common.