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Maja Milas

Student and DiscoverEU ambassador from Croatia

Maja Milas

I found out about Erasmus+ through my local NGO, and from friends and family. It really appealed so I started applying to participate in youth exchanges on topics that interested me. Over time, I became aware of the DiscoverEU programme, which allows you to discover Europe through learning experiences via rail travel. I enjoyed it so much that I travelled with DiscoverEU, twice! Currently, I am on an Erasmus student exchange at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki for the academic year.

As a student of church music at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, I wanted to broaden my horizons and see how church music studies are carried out elsewhere. I felt that going on an Erasmus student exchange would be a refreshing change of pace and, after some research, I concluded that the Sibelius Academy would be the best place to pursue my interests. Three months in, I can confirm that this was the best decision of my life! I have the option to enrol on subjects that interest me and I’m able to make connections with surrounding universities. I find myself happily participating in academic courses offered all around Helsinki.

I value the caring and supportive academic community here in Helsinki, which is crucial for my development. I have found people who understand me and allow me to develop my ideas. I’ve also been able to access technology and resources unavailable to me in Slovenia. Erasmus+ has made me more confident and has given me the freedom to explore my interests. This will forever impact my career and what I want to dedicate my life to.

The strengths of Erasmus+ lie in peer learning, the exchange of ideas and experiences, the negotiation of understandings and co-creation of knowledge across partners in countries and across countries to address a common challenge, and in their collective ownership in building new narratives that lead to sustainable and desired changes in early childhood systems across Europe.

You have nothing to lose participating in Erasmus+. The programme allows you to gain valuable experiences, which will positively impact you, your future and the community around you. The fear of the unknown often holds us back, but I’ve learned that Europe is full of so many wonders waiting to be explored.