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Objavljeno:  21 Sep 2023

New ESC governance to tackle scaling-up needs

Newly approved European Student Card governance structure brings together key stakeholders to lead decision-making and the deployment of the ESC across Erasmus+ programme countries.

A view of stairs at a library in Stuttgart

Why an ESC governance is needed

The successful scaling-up of the European Student Card relies on the collective intelligence of leading organisations at European level. It is an effort to meet the needs of both students and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) while boosting student mobility across Europe.

The new ESC governance model provides the frame for such an effort, while acting as a forum where the ESC community can seek support, elaborate solutions, and share ideas for the future.

ESC’s governance is structured in multiple layers - taking into account all ESCI building blocks. It follows the varying roles of its different governance bodies, involving all stakeholders, from the highest-level decision-makers to the implementation of support teams.

Latest developments

Since 2022, the European Student Card has sought the advice and involvement of committed partners. This last year the ESC governance model has enriched its structure with the inclusion of new groups of stakeholders, such as the European University Alliances and European student card providers and associations.

The ESC governance will keep adapting to the needs of card issuers, cardholders and service providers and relying on their know-how and expertise in the fields of student mobility and card technologies.

What’s next?

ESC’s governance model will be fully implemented by 2024. Until then, several workshops and activities with key stakeholders will take place to gather user needs, define new functionalities and take informed decisions on the ESC and its infrastructure.

For a detailed review of the governance bodies and structure, take a look at the ESC governance description.


If you have any questions about the European Student card, or the ESC governance structure, please check our European Student Card help and support pages.

Objavljeno:  21 Sep 2023