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EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

Uverejnené:  1 Sep 2023

Erasmus+ Days 2023: organise your event and celebrate with us!

Erasmus+ Days is back with a brand new look and longer celebrations. Join us between 9-14 October for events and initiatives organised worldwide.

Events for everyone

Erasmus+ Days are a celebration of the EU’s flagship programme supporting education, training, youth and sport. Events and initiatives are held around the world.

Search the map to find an event near you

Events are open to anyone, even if you’ve not taken part in an Erasmus+ project yet. You’ll also be able to meet Erasmus+ project consortiums and other people with experience of the opportunities on offer.

Got something to share?

Are you an Erasmus+ beneficiary who currently receives or has received Erasmus+ funding and would like to organise or be involved in running an event? You can get in contact with your National Agencies or National Erasmus+ Offices managing the Erasmus+ programme in your home country.

Erasmus+ Days in a nutshell

Erasmus+ Days were first held during the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme in 2017. The series of events celebrates the programme’s success and showcases the benefits of the life-changing learning experiences it offers. It is also an occasion for potential beneficiaries to find out more and join the programme.

Throughout the years, more and more events have been organised worldwide. In 2022, 6,295 events were organised in 58 countries around the world by Erasmus+ programme beneficiaries.

Uverejnené:  1 Sep 2023