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Uverejnené:  27 Jun 2024

Bridging the digital divide: 95% of learning agreements to be fully digital by 2025

The number of digital learning agreements completed per academic year has increased steadily in the past years. An action plan for 2024-2025 aims to close the remaining gaps.

The European Student Card Initiative aims to simplify mobility administration and improve the mobile student experience. 

Making this a reality for all Erasmus+ students is only possible if all higher education institutions with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) exchange digital learning agreements (DLAs) via the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) Network.

Progress towards full digitalisation

In the academic year 2021-2022, around 20,000 learning agreements were concluded digitally via the EWP Network. 

According to the EWP statistical portal this number increased to more than 126,000 learning agreement in the academic year 2023-2024.

This is the result of a joint effort by the whole community to digitalise internal procedures and improve data exchanges between IT systems connected to the EWP Network. This effort is underpinned by the ECHE commitments of institutions participating in the Erasmus+ programme. 

Closing the remaining gaps 

Although many higher education institutions are now actively exchanging digital learning agreements, there are still gaps that negatively impact both staff and Erasmus+ students.

DG EAC and the EWP+ consortium will implement a DLA action plan during 2024-2025 to address the gaps, with the aim of reaching 95% of all learning agreements* concluded digitally via the EWP Network by the end of 2025. A series of support and outreach activities will help institutions achieve this goal. 

*This refers to LAs for intra-European mobility for studies. LAs for traineeships and international mobility are currently not supported in EWP.

Get support and inspiration 

Institutions facing challenges in implementing DLAs can request general and technical support through the ESCI Community Service Desk. 

Higher education institutions that are still in the process of digitalising the learning agreement processes can benefit from the experience of the EWP Champions and connect with peers via the EWP user groups.

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Uverejnené:  27 Jun 2024