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Published:  26 Oct 2023

Erasmus+ Days 2023: more than 9,000 local events celebrated learning and diversity

The 7th edition of Erasmus+ Days took place between 9 and 14 October 2023, with more than 9,000 events worldwide.

A visual showing how 9,000 events were held at attended Erasmus+ Days 2023

This year’s significant increase in participation is a sign of the programme’s success and far-reaching impact. There were over 2,000 more events held than during Erasmus+ Days last year.

Special efforts were made by the Erasmus+ National Agencies and the National Erasmus+ Offices so that beneficiaries could share their success stories both in person and online.

Events for everyone

Events, ranging from festivals and conferences to exhibitions and sports activities, were open to the public. 

They were organised by a wide range of Erasmus+ beneficiaries, including schools, universities, vocational education institutions, and youth organisations.

Erasmus+ Days 2023 brought people together to share knowledge, exchange cultures, and celebrate diversity.

Stories and personal experiences from people around the world who took part in the actions were shared on social media.

Check out the Instagram posts capturing this year's Erasmus Days:

Erasmus+ Days and the European Year of Skills

In the European Year of Skills, it's important to celebrate Europe's cultural diversity and the learning opportunities it offers. 

Erasmus+ Days offered participants a chance to discover new cultures, improve their language and intercultural skills, boost employability, and embrace the European values of tolerance, respect, and diversity.

Public consultation: have your say on Erasmus+

Do you want to help us to keep improving Erasmus+?

A public consultation is up and running to collect your views on how the programme is performing. 

The consultation runs for 12 weeks until 8 December and is available in all 24 EU languages.

Published:  26 Oct 2023