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Published:  3 Aug 2021

Conference on the future of Europe: Have your say on the future of the EU!

How to have your say

An online platform for the Conference on the Future of Europe is up and running, gathering ideas and events from people around the EU.

It’s the space for Europeans, national and local authorities, civil society organisations and more to discuss the future of Europe, the Union’s priorities and how to address the challenges we face together.

The platform is multilingual, with decentralised events, citizens panels and conference plenaries.

How to take part

Share your ideas, attend or organise an (online) event on one of many topics, or get a conversation started on another topic that’s important to you. The main topics are

  • lifelong learning
  • early childhood education and care
  • schools
  • vocational education, training and traineeships
  • higher education
  • adult education
  • multilingualism
  • mobility opportunities
  • mutual recognition of diplomas
  • networks across universities in Europe
  • education, business and innovation

Your input will be collected, analysed and published on the platform, furthering the discussions taking place in the European citizens’ panels and plenaries.

Next steps

A feedback mechanism will ensure your ideas are followed up on with concrete recommendations for EU action.

The final outcome of the Conference will be presented in a report to the Joint Presidency of the Council of the EU.

In spring 2022, the Parliament, Council of the EU and the Commission will then examine how to effectively action its conclusions within their respective competences.

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(Image: © Unsplash/Juliane Liebermann)

Published:  3 Aug 2021