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Published:  23 Jun 2020

Changes to login security for Erasmus+ sites



Two-factor authentication

As of 8 June 2020, two-factor authentication (2FA) is required to access some aspects of the Erasmus+ project results platform, as well as the Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps IT Documentation sites.

EU Login supports a variety of verification procedures, however, knowing that some methods might not be available while accessing specific services, the recommended two factor authentication methods are:

  • EU Login Mobile App: PIN code
  • EU Login Mobile App: QR code

For instructions on how to install and initialise the EU Login Mobile App, please see page 10 of the user guide.

The EU Login Mobile App is free of charge, user friendly and can be obtained from the Google Play Store (Android), the App Store (iOS) or the Windows Store (Windows Phone). Furthermore, these verification methods do not require you to provide personal mobile numbers.

The App can be found at the following urls in the Apple, Google Play and Windows stores:

Alternatively, individuals not able to download the mobile app will still be able to authenticate by adding a mobile phone number to their EU login details. Please refer to page 17 of the user guide for more details on how to add your mobile number to the system.

Erasmus+ Project Results Platform

Users are still able to access the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform (PRP) without needing to use 2FA. You can login directly to your dashboard via ‘Manage my projects’ using the EU login and password protocol.

However, 'My searches' functionality can be accessed only using 2FA.

All other features (Search projects, Contact form, FAQ, Feedback, Legal, Projects overview) are available without a need to log in to the platform.

More help

For further assistance regarding the setup and use of 2FA and the EU Login Mobile App / your mobile number, please write to the EU Login support team at

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Published:  23 Jun 2020