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Paskelbta:  1 Feb 2024

Building hope for Ukraine: 15 inspiring projects from Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps

These project examples, presented in a new publication, show how the two programmes have had a tangible and positive influence on the lives of people affected by the war in Ukraine – and how this might inspire other projects.

A collection of good wishes and cards written by children

Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps can play an essential role in supporting individuals and communities facing unprecedented challenges, particularly those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Among other benefits, such as enabling students to complete their studies interrupted by the war, they encourage incoming learning mobility, empower people with new skills, fight against disinformation, and promote the integration of refugees.

A new publication delves into real-life stories from 15 completed and ongoing projects supported under these two programmes.

These 15 projects not only provide education and training opportunities and address societal challenges, but also create a meaningful and lasting impact on people affected by the war in Ukraine.

They reveal how education, cooperation and solidarity can make a difference and help to transform lives for the better.

Get inspired and apply for funding

Through these impactful stories, we would like to invite other project coordinators to embark on similar projects within the framework of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.


Get the publication from the Publications Office

Get inspired by these stories of transformation, and search funding opportunities where you or your organisation could also make a positive difference.

Explore the projects

Responsible Future Learners

The Finnish project offers pupils chance to improve critical skills with their European peers and help them understand the importance of collaboration.

United in Culture

This Latvian project offers Ukrainian refugees language courses, cultural workshops, and outdoor activities, promoting integration and breaking stereotypes.

Overcoming obstacles with art therapy

An international collaboration of six countries, coordinated in Lithuania, has brought successful methods to integrate art therapy into education.

A second Erasmus+ for students

Inholland University and West Ukrainian National University have worked together since 2016. Their collaboration brought quick, crucial extra support for Ukrainian students.

Youth Media Sharks

This project empowered young people in Portugal and Ukraine through media literacy, offering workshops, research and a youth exchange.

Slovak as a foreign language

The project developed Slovak teaching materials for children of foreigners and nationals abroad. Today its results are the main educational tool for Ukrainian children in Slovakia.

Empowering students through double degrees

Through Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility funds, Sweden's Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) ran a double degree programme for war-affected students.

Solidarity for Green Dalmatia

This Croatian project gathered volunteers to promote environmental knowledge and awareness, welcoming Olena, a young volunteer from Ukraine.

Messengers for youth empowerment

This Finnish project welcomes young volunteers from across Europe through the European Solidarity Corps, including Ukrainian volunteers.

I show you my city

This project in Bremen, Germany, connects young refugees from Ukraine and local youth, offering diverse leisure activities and fostering friendships.

We are neighbours

This Portugese project helps Ukrainian refugees integrate in Braga through culture, leisure and socialising.

Paskelbta:  1 Feb 2024