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European Student Card Initiative

Part of the Erasmus+ programme

The European Student Card

The European Student Card establishes a common European identity for higher education students. Students can get their student status verified easily across Europe with their European Student Card.

The ESC and its objectives


Benefits of the European Student Card

There are many benefits for students, card issuers such as higher education institutions, and on and off-campus service providers. These include easier access to student services and simpler status recognition.

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How the card works

The European Student Card is not a new student card. In practice, it consists of an “ESC-Router” which acts as a centralised database for student card-related data. The card has various features which together facilitate student status verification across Erasmus+ programme countries.

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How your institution can join the ESC

As a higher education institution that is part of the Erasmus+ programme, you can join the ESC through several quick steps. This starts with connecting to the ESC-Router.

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Governance structure

The ESC governance ensures swift coordination and communication between and within the different ESCI building blocks.

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Help and support