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Δημοσιεύτηκε:  11 Oct 2022

New service to identify which of your partners use Erasmus Without Paper

When dealing with the online renewal of inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) and learning agreements (LAs), one question you will have asked is: what tool is my partner using? A new service developed by the EWP+ Consortium now gives you this information.

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Search for your EWP partner

The EWP Stats Portal is a newly developed service that unlocks information on which tool and provider each higher education institution (HEI) is using to connect to the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) network.

It allows IT administrators to search with institution name, Erasmus code, city, country and so on, letting you quickly see which tool your partner is using.

Improve your document exchange

Another use case is for when you might be aware that data exchanges with a given provider are not yet working perfectly. This might mean you want to focus on exchanging IIAs and LAs with other providers where exchanges did prove successful.   

To do this you can find a complete list of all institutions using a given provider, by searching on the name of the provider.

A reliable data source

The information in the EWP Stats Portal comes directly from the only source of truth about EWP connections: the EWP registry. This retrieves information from files made available by each of the nodes in the EWP-network, and includes data such as the system in use and processes covered by each of the institutions participating in EWP.

More technical details for IT staff and developers are available, including which versions of the API are supported by the selected partners, and how to interpret the data.

In the near future, the EWP Stats Portal will be further enriched with data and statistics, eventually sharing data on how the different nodes in the network operate.

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Δημοσιεύτηκε:  11 Oct 2022