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Erasmus Without Paper

A digital solution for higher education institutions to connect their Erasmus+ mobility management systems so they can manage their mobility students online.


Digitalising your Erasmus+ admin

Traditional management of Erasmus+ mobility can be a cumbersome, complex and costly process for higher education institutions (HEIs). The Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) initiative paves the way to manage mobilities more efficiently by letting higher education institutions exchange information around their students’ mobility swiftly and securely. 

EWP does this through an online exchange network that connects HEIs participating in Erasmus exchanges. It allows HEIs using the network to exchange student data in a more secure and efficient way than traditional paper-based methods.

Benefits of EWP

The main benefits of using EWP are for higher education institutions. As a higher education institution, you can manage your student mobilities.

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How EWP works

The main principle behind EWP is that as a higher education institution you maintain your existing system for managing student mobility and connect this to the EWP network.

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How your institution can join EWP

You don't join or register for EWP personally, your institution does. There are several options to join the EWP network, depending on the tools you are using.

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Governance structure

The Erasmus Without Paper governance structure brings together stakeholders in the digitalisation of Erasmus+ administration in higher education.

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Help and support