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Veröffentlicht :  23 Feb 2022

27 new joint masters join the Erasmus Mundus catalogue

27 new Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programmes will offer scholarships to students from across the world. They are the first selection made under the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 period.

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The first intake of students will start in 2022 or 2023, depending on the master programme.

These newly-selected programmes will be added to the list of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters, making a total of more than 170 available programmes in the Erasmus Mundus catalogue.

Almost €127 million have been invested in these new programmes, with support for over 2,000 scholarships for students from all over the world.

During the 17 years of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters, more than 28,000 students from 195 countries have been awarded scholarships to study in 566 programmes.

Climate change to historical heritage

A wide range of topics are covered including climate change adaptation, sport governance, cybersecurity, astrophysics, quantum research, German studies, artificial intelligence or intercultural relations.

Unique benefits

What makes these programmes so special is that they are joint programmes. They blend the best teaching from different universities, often combining different faculties and disciplines.

Students study in two or more partner universities over two years. Most of them have a placement in a company or another organisation to gain practical experience.

Students therefore graduate with the right skills and international outlook to equip them for a career as practitioners, administrators or researchers in key and/or niche sectors.

Partners worldwide

Together these programmes include 123 higher education institutions offering modules of the programme, with a further 357 associate partners offering placements, additional specialist teaching, research opportunities or help to promote the programme worldwide. They represent 27 countries associated to the Erasmus+ programme and 41 third countries not associated to the programme.

Erasmus Mundus Design Measures

The 2021-2027 Erasmus+ programme sees the creation of a new lot within the Erasmus Mundus action, which aims to encourage the development of new, innovative, high-level integrated transnational study programmes at master’s level.

The results of the first Erasmus Mundus Design Measures (EMDM) call have also been released. 40 applicants will receive a lump-sum grant for the preliminary stages of the creation of a joint master’s degree. Among them there are proposals on Transcultural Social Psychology, Globalization Bio-Law, Football, Arts and Ecologies, Virtual Reality Engineering and Cancer Biology.

The current period of the Erasmus Mundus action offers more international outreach. This is reflected in the selection of 2 EMDMs coordinated by third countries not associated to the Erasmus+ programme.

The reception of an Erasmus Mundus Design Measure is not connected to the awarding of a possible future Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters grant.

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Veröffentlicht :  23 Feb 2022