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Offentliggjort:  9 Mar 2023

Reviewed Erasmus+ 2023 budget brings overall €4.43 billion to support the education sectors, with specific support for Ukrainian learners and staff

Today’s review brings a slightly higher budget, and the programme also strengthens its support to address the needs of Ukrainians that have left their country.

The EU and Ukraine flags side by side

With a budget of €4.43 billion for 2023, Erasmus+ gains more reinforcement for its priorities on inclusion, active citizenship and democratic participation, and green and digital transformations in the EU and internationally.

Mobility is the standout feature of Erasmus+. The programme will continue to support the movement of people across borders, from school pupils to adult learners, educators and staff. It is a core part of working towards a European educational and training experience.


The programme will rise to the challenges we expect to face in 2023 by providing meaningful support to learners and educational staff fleeing the war in Ukraine.

€100 million frontloaded from the 2027 budget will go in particular to cooperation partnership actions. These are the best-suited to support Ukrainian learners and staff currently displaced in other European countries.

This review reinforced the Erasmus+ programme in 2023 and in particular its support to the Ukrainian people that had to quit their country. I invite our Erasmus+ community to continue expressing the solidarity that they already showed over the last year towards learners, educational staff, institutions and organisations impacted by the war in Ukraine! And I encourage the organisations active in the education and youth fields to use the possibilities offered by the programme in that respect and submit their project proposals at the upcoming deadline.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

Sport staff

As of 2023, a new action to support sport coaches through their participation in mobility projects will extend opportunities for cross-European cooperation and learning to local grassroots sport organisations and their staff.

Youth and skills

Erasmus+ continue to support youth activities, following on from the 2022 European Year of Youth. And Erasmus+ activities will also contribute to EU’s efforts to help people get the right skills, in line with the 2023 European Year of Skills.

Offentliggjort:  9 Mar 2023